Homebrew: Föhn

Submitted by DM on Sat, 06/05/2017 - 13:46

This beer is supposed to be identical to my last beer called Sun Outage, but with the hops swapped from El Dorado to Chinook.   However I misjudged the amount of hops I had in stock & didn't have quite enough Chinook hops.   El Dorado was an unknown to me before the opportunity arose to get some & it produced a wonderful tropical fruit hop flavour in the beer.   I've used Chinook hops before & made some great beers with them producing a steroetypically grapefruity & piney hop character in their beers.

Mash - 1 hour 10 mins starting at 69°C and dropping to 63°C at the end.

2 Kg pale malt

50g acid malt

100g crystal malt

2g MgSO4

1g CaSO4

Boil - 1 hour

60g Chinook hops (12.7% alpha acid) 30 mins before end of boil

110g Chinook hops 15 mins before end of boil

5g of Irish Moss added 10 mins before end of boil

Chilled using my wort chiller & splashed through 2 colanders - to aerate it - into the fermentation vessel containing Mangrove Jack's M44 US West Coast yeast & 14g of Chinook & 20g of El Dorado as dry hops.   17 litres of wort were collected in the FV.   Fermented away at 18°C for 7 days and brought down to 10°C for 24 hours to help clear it prior to bottling.

The OG was 1.034 & FG 1.011 which should give me a beer of 3.1% alcohol once the priming sugar in the bottles has fermented away.

Verdict on bottling: Much more bitter than its counterpart Sun Outage & definitely more pine resinous too.   Another good beer, but not as easy drinking as Sun Outage I'll bet.

Additional - I had a brew disaster not quite on the scale as some at Basic Brewing Radio's annual Christmas disaster episodes, but I'll send it in anyway.   As I was syphoning the beer from the FV on the counter top into bottles on the floor, I put a large spatula under the FV to angle it towards the syphon head to get every last drop above the sediment out.   As the FV emptied & got lighter, it fell off the counter top & onto the full, but open bottles.   A domino effect occurred as almost every bottle toppled.   I lost 7 litres of liquid to the floor & the lovely aroma of piney hoppiness was little consolation for the lost beer.   I had to clean the floor - luckily linoleum - & under the bins, stool & assorted tat kept on the kitchen floor.   The next morning the kitchen still had the delicious smell of hops & I had to shift the fridge & freezer out of their places to clean under them with a bleachy cloth.   All the towels used to prevent the spread of beer had to washed twice to get rid of the beer smell.

Luckily I'm brewing again soon, although I'd wanted to reuse the yeast from the bottom of the FV, but it may have got contaminated so I ditched it.

A bold pine resin hoppiness with a some grapefruit that is stereotypical for the Chinook hop variety.   Some malty sweetness still, but clear already & a lovely golden amber colour.

This beer is tasting more bitter & less hoppy already.   Still very hoppy though with the piny Chinook flavours.   It's dried out nicely too.

I'd brew this again if the El Dorado version wasn't so much more to my taste!