Homebrew: Tusi Couple

Submitted by DM on Mon, 25/09/2017 - 21:33

This beer is named after the mathematical model creating linear motion from the sum of two circular motions created by Persian scholar Nasi al-Din Tusi in 1247.Tusi Couple

This beer is a green hopped beer using my Cascade hops that grow in my garden.   I've not had such a good crop this year as last, but still had more than I can use.   Being a pale beer with an abundance of hops I'm keen to get a good clarity, so I gave it a good boil and used Irish Moss towards the end.   I've stuck with Gervin Ale Yeast from Wilko as the sediment formed stays put at the bottom of the bottle as it's poured and at a pound it's also less than half the price of more famous brand yeasts.

Mash: 1 hour 30 mins starting at 67°C and allowed to fall steadily to 58°C at the end.

5.15Kg pale malt

3g MgSO4

3g CaSO4

1g NaCl

Boil: 1 hour 40 mins

Around 400g of fresh Cascade hops added 1 hour 20 mins from end

Around 200g of fresh Cascade hops added 40 mins from end

Around 100g of fresh Cascade hops added 10 mins from end

10g of Irish Moss added 10 mins from end

20g Jasmine blossom added 10 mins from end

Cooled quickly with my wort chiller and dropped through two colanders to aerate the cooled wort into an FV containing a pre-hydrated Gervin Ale Yeast from Wilko.

23 litres of wort were collected into the FV with an OG of 1.048 - which were subsequently liquored down to 25 litres - which should give a beer with an alcohol level of around 4.4%.

Fermented at 22°C for 6 days and held at 14°C for 2 days before bottling.   4 bottles had around 30ml of a very strong jasmine green tea added.

Verdict on bottling: The beer is a pale golden colour, the clarity is good already and the jasmine flavour is just right for me.   The green hop flavour - a little leafy vegetable flavour - is present, but that's hardly surprising given the masses of them put in this beer.

The "green" hop flavour is present like it was for the last two years' harvests, but it's liveable with and the jasmine flowers I added give a complementary taste to the Cascade hops.   It dropped bright within a few days and carbonated up well.

The version with added green jasmine tea is opaque and not clearing much at all, but the jasmine flavour is boosted proportionally.

I think this will be the last year I grow hops and use them in my beer as it only saves a few quid, but commercially bought & dried Cascades are much better quality.   I think Cockermouth is just a little too north and far too wet to grow hops.