Homebrew: Magic Mountain

Submitted by DM on Sun, 18/03/2018 - 00:23

This beer was formed by making two beers from one batch of beer - a parti-gyle.   I bought some Belgian ale yeast for my last brew - 'Ey You Belgian Blonde Ale - & wanted to use it again as I had such good results with it.   I called it Magic Mountain after a field of hydrothermic vents near Vancouver Island - as this should be a black smokey stout.

Mash - 1 hour 20 mins starting at 69ºC and allowed to fall to 62ºC.   This first mash was split into two fermenters.

3.5 Kg pale malt

400g crystal 150 malt

100g chocolate malt

1 teaspoon MgSO4

1 teaspoon CaSO4

½ teaspoon NaCl

A separate mash with 50g black malt, 50g chocolate malt & 50g roast barley was made at 67ºC & sparged directly into the fermenter.

Boil - 50 mins

100g Savinjski Golding hops added 40 mins before end

50g Savinjski Goldings added 15 min before end

The wort from the two mashes made 12 litres in the fermenter after being cooled with my home made wort chiller.   The OG was recorded as 1.040 & gravity at bottling 1.008 which should give me an alcohol level of around 4.2% in the bottled product.

A nylon bag containing 50g of toasted oak chips was added to the fermenter after being scalded first to reduce any contamination.

Bottled after 10 days of primary fermentation.

Plenty of fruity esters from the Belgian yeast, but roasted malts making this a very dark red beer with a gentle alcohol warmth.   This is a fireside beer & much more of a porter than a stout.   Plenty of dark fruit  flavours & plenty of malt sweetness still present.   Not bad, but will benefit from drying out more.