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  • Homebrew: In The Pink

    1 month 2 weeks ago
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    I found some jars of sour cherries in Lidl & had to have them to make a beer with.   While it will have some resemblance to a Belgian Kriek, it is not soured with wild yeasts or bacteria.   The sourness will come from acid malt predominantly.In The Pink glass of beer

  • Homebrew: West Coast IPA

    5 months 2 weeks ago
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    Having brewed a great session IPA using El Dorado & a good one using Chinook hops I took advantage of the opportunity to brew a slightly stronger, super hoppy IPA using both hops plus some Cascade.

    Mash - starting at 68°C and falling to 59°C at the end of 1 hour.

    3 Kg of pale malt

    Boil - 1 hour 15 mins

  • Homebrew: Three Parts American

    5 months 3 weeks ago
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    My wife picked up a bottle of Douglas Fir syrup after Christmas at a big discount and thought I'd like to brew with it.   Quite right too.   I've tried to keep the beer fairly neutral to let the fir taste show through the malt and hops, but at the same time I wanted a beer I'd enjoy drinking in case the syrup was too subtly flavoured.

  • Homebrew: Föhn

    6 months ago
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    This beer is supposed to be identical to my last beer called Sun Outage, but with the hops swapped from El Dorado to Chinook.   However I misjudged the amount of hops I had in stock & didn't have quite enough Chinook hops.

  • Homebrew: Sun Outage

    1 month 2 weeks ago
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    Having not brewed an IPA in quite a while it was time again.   Not wanting a heavy, authentically accurate India Pale Ale I've used American hops with a reputation for giving the tropical fruit flavour I love in IPAs.   I've made it a low strength alcohol beer as I prefer the taste of beer to the effects of them on me, also to keep it light & quaffable.

  • Homebrew: Blueberry Sour

    1 month 2 weeks ago
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    With my last beer  - Fruity Tooti - being the best beer I've brewed in ages I wanted to try another sour beer using acid malt, but using a more normal amount in the grain bill.   I thought that a fruit addition would help this beer appeal to my friends that aren't keen on sours.

  • Homebrew: Fruity Tooti

    7 months ago
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    My recent beer saison made with some acid malt was a big hit with friends and as the winter weather is conducive to brewing lager, I decided to make a lager with acid malt.   Throwing caution to the wind - and receiving 100% extra acid malt for free when I bought 500g - I added more than style guidelines suggest for acid malt addition.

    After showing the ingredient list to my daughter, she came up with the name!

    Mash - 1 hour at 67°C

  • Homebrew: Perihelion

    1 month 2 weeks ago
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    I've recently found myself with some extra time on my hands & naturally the thing to do is brew some more beer.   I need a stock as I'm often finishing drinking a batch as it's coming into its prime.   I'm also off to Manchester soon & will be dropping some beers off with friends, creating space under the stairs for more beer.

  • Homebrew: Something For Nothing

    7 months 2 weeks ago
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    With some time on my hands I decided to make two beers in one day using the sparge water from my primary brew - Strange Attractor - and some grains left over from previous brews plus my favourite recent discovery: date molasses.

    Mash: 1 hour at 67°C throughout

    500g pale rye malt EBC 5

    500g pale crystal malt EBC 60

    85g chocolate malt EBC 800

  • Homebrew: Strange Attractor

    9 months ago
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    Every winter for the last few years I've brewed a lager as it is relatively easy to brew in a garage or other cold area & raise the temperature to lager fermentation temperature - around 12-15°.   These (here & here for example) have been amongst my best beers.